Rosaida Blanco

We boricuas loooveee a fresh brewed cup of hot #coffee in the morning...we really do. The aroma, the taste, the sweet warmth in our lips while opening the shades/windows and blessing the sun of a brand new’s all a ritual for us; a morning prayer. It’s like turning on our bodily engines and making peace for the entire day. 😌🙌🏼☀️🙏🏼💛🕊 . . . However, it is important to note that while research shows there may be some benefits to drinking coffee, #hormone expert Alisa Vitti, warns women of solid reasons why we may want to consider diminishing its intake or maybe even substituting to caffeine-free alternatives. . . . 1. Women metabolize caffeine more slowly than men do. 2. Caffeine disrupts their entire hormonal cascade for 24 hours. 3. Caffeine can deplete their body of some micronutrients. 4. The risks for women with active hormone issues—like PMS, PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, and infertility—not only outweigh any benefits but could also exacerbate these conditions. 5. A study published in the journal Fertility and Sterility found that drinking three or more caffeinated beverages a day raised the risk of early pregnancy loss by 74 percent. And that statistic applies whether the caffeine is consumed before or after conception. [This isn’t just critical info for women: Caffeine consumption in male partners was associated just as much with pregnancy loss.] . . . So how do I get my ‘happy medium’ knowing what I now know... I discipline myself as much as possible during the week by sipping wonderful organic tea, or in this case, enjoying the awesome @kaffreeroma [caffeine-free, non-gmo, dairy free, vegan] all natural, real ingredients, roasted grain, coffee alternative, making those caffeine moments [mostly during business meetings or some family/friend fun brunches] an exception to the grand general rule. I enjoy mine w/ almond milk and cinnamon by the way... 😋✌🏼☕️🌱 Keep those energy levels up, stable, and running. Go #decaf whenever you can. Happy morning! [Credit: Mind Body Green] #themoreyouknow 💫#kaffreeroma #notapaidadvertisement ;)) #consciousliving #peaceofhealing . . . PS: Don’t get me started on how coffee pods are hurting the environment...



Even decaf alters my system🙈💆🏻


Me encanta el café, ideal beberlo antes de medio día, sino me mantiene muy despierta y hiperactiva hasta rendirme a las 12 pm aprox. Té de camomila, me fascina el té verde pero tiene que ser descafeinado por lo mismo. Chocolate caliente me gusta, pero más el café 😩🤤✨