This is an after and a before (swipe left) So grateful to have had the honor of cutting off these long locks into this super chic short shape!! I cut a line at the neckline and did some graduation. Disconnected the sides. Disconnected the crown clipped that out of the way. Took a triangle section on each side in the middle and clipped that out of the way and saved for last. I cut below the parietal on an angle connecting the side to the back I then dropped down the section from the crown on the left side and followed my guide from the lower section and cut that. I then let the triangle piece down and visually slide cut it leaving it drastically longer then the rest to create that feathered disconnected softer look peaking through from the inside. Blew out the hair and then visually refined and removed weight with a mixture of slide cutting and point cutting ( mostly throughout the back). She had some super whispers baby hairs in the front that I carved out at the end for some extra detailing which opens up her face and compliments her eye as you can see in the first photo. #modernsalon #shorthair #shortcut #randcohair #yspark #straightshears #hairstylist #detroithair #detroitstylist #haircutter #nyc #la #btc #shortcut #brunette #goodhair #palazzolosalon #royaloakmi #ferndalemi #detroit #detroitstylist #jbeverlyhills #hairstyles #short #sassoon



😍😍 beautiful!


Stunning 💥💥💥


😮 Way to make a girl want to cut off all her hair again! 😍