So now it’s been a few days. ✨ I’ve met so many unique people through this series, but I never expected to make such amazing lifelong connections through it - most of the people I’ve met through FT, are people I couldn’t imagine my life without, people who have helped me grow and change for the better. I really feel that in my own life, the message about forming bonds and found-families really transcended the series. I don’t have the words to properly express what FT has done for me and how thankful I am to have it in my life, and to Mashima for creating such a wonderful series. BUT I do have this gorgeous photoshoot preview, showing the bond between Lucy and Mavis, as well as mine with Rae, one of my literal best friends who I of course met through FT! 💖 (And if you ➡️Swipe Right➡️, you all know it, you all are probably tired of seeing it, it’s DRUMROLL my Lucy from 5 years ago - approximately halfway through the anime’s runtime. How bout that growth? 😉) —————————————— 🧝🏻‍♀️: @mermeido . 📸: @cellolovephotography . —————————————— #fairytail #fairytailcosplay #mavisvermillion #mavisvermillioncosplay #lucyheartfilia #lucyheartfiliacosplay #fairytailguild #cosplay