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“I hope everyone can find a Fairy Tail of their own someday. A precious, irreplaceable group of dearest friends!” I watched the very end of the last episode (I’m behind still) and cried. A lot. But the last bit really hit me. I’ve found my Fairy Tail. I found some of the best friends because of this wonderful series. Jason (@multiversecosplay) introduced me to this series when we first started becoming friends and it was sort of our bonding thing. Because of Jason and FT I met my own Lucy (for real, we accidentally referred to each other by Lucy/ Lis a lot before)—Cait is truly such an amazing person and I’m forever thankful for her. I remember spending hours talking to tumblr friends about the series and what was going on. My whole BRAND was Lisanna. My walls were covered with FT art (especially art by Cait). FT is what got me back into anime and what helped me make so many friends in the tumblr days. FT means so much to me; I don’t know where I’d be without this series and the friends I made because of it. It was a comfort during the hardest times in college. Thank you Fairy Tail. Thank you Team Natsu. Thank you Mashima. For everything 💕 🗝: @liddocait 📸: @cellolovephotography . #fairytail #fairytailcosplay #mavisvermillion #maviscosplay #mavisvermillioncosplay #lucyheartfilia #lucyheartfiliacosplay #teamnatsu #fairytailguild #cosplay #anime #cosplay



@mermeido mine was when Lisanna finally came back and hugged Natsu 😍❤